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Frequently Asked Questions 


What to wear to dance class?

Ladies are encouraged to wear items of clothing that is normally worn in a gym/yoga setting. You can be as comfortable and casual as you'd like, and are welcome to wear jewelry as long as it will not interfere with your class practice. Dance shoes are reccomended as we will travel across the floor. You do not need to expose your tummy, however, it is advised to wear a tight shirt so that the teachers (and you) can see your movements easily.


​I have no experience in dance at all, and do I have to look/be a certain type/age to Belly Dance? 

There is no real age minimum*, limit, or "look" required to start belly dance. MOST women, (ourselves included), start belly dance with absolutely NO DANCE EXPERIENCE at all, and usually start in their adult ages! Their is no weight, age, or "look" you have to have to belly dance! *We do require our students to be at least 16, Please consult with us if you have questions.  Currently we do not have children's classes but we may do that in the future!


Can I Dance if I am pregnant?

Please consult with your OB/GYN before taking a dance class. Never have we seen any problems with women who were pregnant and took classes. WE have had fellow peers, students, and one of our own teachers taught and performed up until two weeks before she delivered! It is a wonderful/theraputic pre-natal workout! In Morrocco, women were observed using belly dance moves to expedite the process of labor and ease labor pains!


Can I observe a class?

We are sorry, we do not allow observers. We have seen observations disrupt the flow of class and make the women who are actually taking the class feel uneasy and discomforted. 


​Do I have to perform?

Any performance opportunity is totally optional for every student! 


What if I miss a class or cannot attend all the classes or just want to try a class?

At the moment we do not offer make up classes for classes. At the beginning of each class, we will review our previous lesson so there is always catch up so you don't fall behind! If you can only make certain days or want to try a class out, we offer drop in classes.



Have more questions? We welcome you to contact us.

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