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Becky (Nissa Sadeira) 


– Associate Degree in Nursing
– BA in Human Resources
– NFPT Certified Personal Trainer
– Trained and proficient in matt and apparatus by Stott Pilates


Quite simply belly dance has changed my life. My belly dance experience started many years ago: actually it just popped into my head that belly dance would be a great addition to my exercise regime and as a Personal Trainer I thought I might be able to use some of the movements with my clients. I hadn’t really seen much belly dance in Savannah but was drawn to the movement and the sensual , seemingly effortless nature of the it.

I embarked on the experience of a lifetime, and have since studied with many different instructors both locally   and across the World, learning much about the physiological aspects (how the body moves) as well as the freedom of self expression that belly dance encourages. Perpetually the student, I am always on the lookout for methods to improve my ability and those I teach.


As I’ve said so often to my work-out clients and other friends…"The one thing that must remain constant is change, and now it the best time to begin that change."


This is how I dance and how I try to live my life.


My life revolves around Bellydance and I travel extensively to learn from professionals from all over the world.



As soon as she could walk, Annalisa was dancing. By age five she’d begun years of ballet training, which broadened over time to include tap, country and folk dance. She also discovered theater, and earned her Bachelor of Arts while developing acting skills through many stage, television performances.

But her first Bellydance experience changed her life. “By the second class I was completely hooked. Bellydance is such a feminine and powerful expression that I can’t see myself ever giving it up.” She has gone on to perform in numerous stage performances, television shows, and international dance events. Annalisa now teaches Bellydance, and can be seen in videos such as Magical Motion – Bellydance Slow Moves.

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